Zor bio

Game aliases:  io-games/zor-bio io.games/zor-bio iogames/zor-bio
Fly a sphere in a 3D world eating food and other spheres to get the high score in this multiplayer .io browser game!
Very well made game in terms of style, but it's just a nightmare to control where you're going.
A bit of feedback: I think you guys are up to something. Zorbio was actually fun even if most Zorbs i encountered where AI. Are there not enough players yet? That would be a shame. But I´ll try to help spread the word. One other issue was that the game got a little laggy once i got over 1000 points. I´m playing from Europe so maybe thats the reason.All the best for your game...
Hi there. Really nice work guys. Wish you all the possible success. Doge will be around in Zorbio :)
I agree with my fellow doge, really nice work. Is there any way you could add a splitting mechanic? But its fun like it is aswell...
sir can you make it so we can download the music THE MUSIC IS AWESOME please let us download it
how do you not lag i get constant lagspikes..
Why the music so thicc
phenomenal youtube content
Zac turn the dang music down