Monopoly io

Game aliases:  io-games/monopoly-io iogames/monopoly-io
Play the classic board game in online-multiplayer with Monopoly IO! Play with friends or strangers over the internet. Roll the dice, buy properties, charge rent, and bankrupt your opponents!
Its awesome and all but game just freezes sometimes and you must start all over again or sometimes players get kicked out of server and we have start game all over again. Still its rly great and fun game and we love it! Great job
There is so much of potential here, but the lack of rules etc is making the game literally unplayable. Like there's no auctions in this version. That alone is a game breaking to me. The simple most important rule and it's missing from the game.
The game cant end, it breaks if you forfeit (Fully raped). No auctions this is the most lidl monopoly ever. suck it up and go to pogo
Cant get past the menu... is the game shut down? same for Connect 4
Nice Work :) but is it coming back any time soon?
Dope as game dude! You still working on it and updating?
How do i even do a private game?! the link only takes them to main menu
First player doesn't have the buttons to roll and manage, etc. He has to change tabs for them to appear again, everytime its his turn.
Good game